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Dermisol Cream

Dermisol Cream

Dermisol Cream is a white wound healing cream that encourages wound healing in horses, cattle, dogs and cats particularly when this process is impaired by the presence of necrotic tissue, coagulum, debris or wax after an injury, surgery, infection or in otitis externa, by removing dead and necrotic tissue from affected areas.
Propylene Glycol PhEur 1.750% v/w, Malic acid 0.375% w/w, Benzoic Acid PhEur 0.025% w/w, Salicylic Acid PhEur 0.006% w/w.
Standard Dosage:
Use Dermisol Cream topicaly twice daily although more frequent applications may be made if necessary. Apply the cream liberally onto wounds.
The cream should be spread liberally on to the wound surface and before each new application it is advisable that you wash the area so that loose slough and cream from the previous application are removed without raising the pH. 
Otitis externa: in cases of this, ears should be cleaned with dermisol multicleanse solution prior to the introduction of dermisol cream into the external auditory canal.
30g or 100g




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This medicine is classified POM-VPS. Murray Farmcare has suitably qualified personnel who can prescribe and dispense them.