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My First Bed - Fleece Bed

My First Bed - Fleece Bed


Your puppies first bed should be this one! Comfortable and protective, washable too! This is a soft round bed specifically designed with puppies in mind. The cover is fully removable and therefore easy to wash. The comfort ring gives an added security and as the puppy grows, it can be removed to increase the bed area.
Key Features:
- Heat pad facility: underneath the inner cushion is a pouch to take a standard size heat pad.
- Waterproof cushion base: the inner cushion is constructed of heavy duty waterproof nylon for protection against any mishaps. 
- 'Tick-tock' pocket: this is a handy pocket attached to the side which can be used for putting a ticking clock inside. This mimics the heartbeat of the puppy's mother in order to reassure the puppy.
- Comfort ring: this is a soft ring of fibre filled sherpe fleece. When your puppy is small the comfort ring will give an added feeling of security. 



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