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Droncit Spot on Tapewormer for Cats

Droncit Spot on Tapewormer for Cats


Droncit Spot On is an effective tapeworm treatment for cats that can be applied directly to the skin on the back of the neck. If your cat ever has a flea, hunts or eats mice, it is likely they will become infected with tape worm. Apply this product when signs of tapeworm infection first appear or in any case 3-4 months. 
Tapeworm infection will re-occur unless control of the hosts such as fleas or mice, is undertaken. There are no contra-indications against using it during pregnancy and lactation. 
Use On:
Standard Dosage:
Administer locally.
For cats 1-2.5kg use 1 tube.
Fot cats 2.5-5kg use 2 tubes.
For cats 5-7.5kg use 3 tubes.
4 x tubes for treatment of 2.5kg

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This medicine is classified NFA-VPS. Murray Farmcare has suitably qualified personnel who can supervise the supply of this item.