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Total Mite Kill Concentrated Liquid - 500ml

Total Mite Kill Concentrated Liquid - 500ml


A dual working product that is a fast working insecticide with rapid knockdown, and a multi-purpose cleaner that:
- Kills mites, fleas, lice and other crawling/flying insects
- Cleans and disinfects
- Kills bacteria, virus, yeast, fungi and algae (eg. e-coli, salmonella etc)
- Penetrates deep into cracks, crevices and corners (a common parasite harbourage)
Avoid contact with skin.
How Do You Know If Your Chickens Have Red Mite Problems?
1. Your egg production will start to go down as the chickens need to replace the lost blood taken by the Red Mites (less energy to make eggs)
2. Chickens will start to peck each other where they see the infestation - usually the base of the birds tail feathers.
Keep a close eye for pecking and any bald, bloody patches on your bird.






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